Rosenview guest house


Family Favourite:
Good Old Boerie Rolls | R210 (2 people)

Good old South African boerewors (literally “farmer’s sausage”) is a favourite with all South Africans, including one of our most famous citizens, archbishop Desmond Tutu.

  • 4 x pieces Grabouw boerewors (Grabouw boerewors is made using a much finer ground spice and has a natural, earthy taste)
  • 4 x fresh-baked hotdog rolls with butter

The Tjop & Dop | R220 (2 people)

A tjop en dop is yet another South African phrase about braaing, literally meaning a “meat chop and drink”– and with definite connotations of social festivity.

  • 2 x lamb chops
  • 2 x chicken wings

The Larney Special | R240 (2 people)

For a little bit luxury, choose the larney (posh) special – and get some steaks on the braai grid.

  • 2 x sirloin steaks
  • 2 x chicken drumsticks
  • Marshmallows for two (with skewers) | R30.00
  • Braai-broodjies (toasted sandwiches on the braai) for two | R40.00
  • Greek salad for two | R40.00
  • A choice of boardgames | R25.00
  • 2,5kg ice | R25.00
  • Extra 4kg wood | R40.00
  • Extra 5Kg charcoal | R40.00